External Management

October 29, 2020

The Problem

Over the years we have helped to deliver a wide range of projects from intimate corporate events to large-scale music festivals. We have identified the need for a better management structure for one of the most critical areas of event delivery: Zone Ex.

Whilst the importance of managing the area outside of an event is widely acknowledged, in practice there is not always much cohesion among the departments operating in this space, during both planning and delivery phases. In order to effectively manage the customer journey throughout ingress and egress, and control the impact an event has on its community, a holistic approach is needed with a clear management hierarchy and cross-departmental oversight.

The Solution

At The Last Mile we have developed a delivery framework that addresses this issue. Our full-service External Management solutions cover all aspects of pedestrian, traffic and transport management in Zone Ex, including:

  • Pedestrian and queue management at bottlenecks, junctions and crossings.
  • Traffic management schemes including road and lane closures, diversions and temporary signals.
  • Transport management such as shuttle operations, taxi PUDOs, and the management of transport hubs.
  • Supporting services including signage, bins, toilets and crowd barrier design and install.

Our documents detail every aspect of the operation, including modal capacities, projected clearance times, route maps, contingency plans and the specification of all infrastructure and signage. Neighbouring residents, businesses, transport agencies, local authorities and other key stakeholders are consulted and kept up to date as the project develops.

During an event our experienced External Managers oversee and co-ordinate all departments involved in the Zone Ex operation, from litter teams to public transport operators. This position integrates into the event management team for a joined-up approach with clear lines of communication.

This new offering is the result of years of experience and lessons learned whilst delivering complex operations to support major events. It represents our mission to pioneer and lead the industry in External Management.