Case Study : Enfield

October 29, 2020


We have supported Enfield’s street works department on a consultancy basis since 2019, working closely with council officers to review and plan major works in the borough. We have worked to develop complex traffic management plans with the key objective of reducing the impact of proposed works on the local area, whilst enabling these works to take place to schedule.

To date, these projects have included:

  • An audit of the impact of events at THFC stadium on the Enfield road network.
  • A major scheme in the Willow Road area to facilitate bus network improvements.
  • A road closure of Hedge Lane to facilitate essential Thames Water works.
  • A road closure of Meridian Way to facilitate essential gas infrastructure works.
  • A road closure of Church Street to facilitate tree maintenance works.

Covid-19 Support Services

Our staffing and operations department has supported Enfield’s Covid-19 response. We implemented a managed access system for Barrowell Green recycling centre, allowing Enfield residents to dispose of their waste safely by monitoring and managing arrivals and vehicle movement onto the site. We also supported the parks team with the provision of traffic management staff at Trent Park and Forty Hall, ensuring Enfield's public spaces remained open and safe for local residents.


"Having worked with The Last Mile first hand over the past few years I have found them to be extremely professional, supportive, knowledgeable, trustworthy and most importantly reliable. The team have assisted us here in Enfield on several major traffic management projects including various Street and Road Works activities, Spurs match day audits as well as our emergency COVID resilience plans with regards to the reopening phases and control methods of the borough’s recycle depot and public parks.

I have found their detailed appreciation of the industry allows them the ability to offer pragmatic solutions to the most complex problems, and provide a range of high standard supporting services. We have used these services for the provision of detailed traffic reports which we have found to be easily understood, the provision of CSAS staff who have monitored live sites, and evaluating traffic control methods and recommend dynamic phasing of in-situ portable signals.

There will always be someone digging a hole in the road somewhere, or an event taking place resulting in peoples’ journey times being delayed. And whilst that is true, it is also true that The Last Mile can make a huge difference on the ground, which I have found most invaluable. They are not just another traffic management company, but one of the best specialist consultants available today."

Paul Wilkins
Street Works Manager